Australia bush flower essence

We have our own In house Bush Flower Practitioner. Book in for a consultation.

How we consult: Camellia Strong Intuitive Healer and Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist (Founder of the Divine Wellbeing Centre) is a Level 3 Bush Flower practitioner of 4 years.

Her intuitive knowledge and style is on point and the cards never lie.

Like Tarot Cards Camellia will pull your cards to help determine the right tailor-made Essences required for you.

Always recommending Emergency Essence as a companion bottle you will be leaving armed with your first 3 weeks of Essences that work on a cellular level delving deep into the core of your emotional issues.

Please contact the centre if you wish to book in for a 1hr session with Camellia.

June 2022
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