Jann Morgan - Aura Photo & Intuitive Reading

Jann Morgan offers 20 minute - Intuitive Reading option @$80

OR 60 minutes - Aura Photo & Intuitive Counselling @$120

The colours on your Aura photo reflect the energy you are using to create your current life experience.

In these 20 minute sessions, Jann explains what the colours mean for you (as a unique being); are you utilising the energy available to you, or are you blocking it?

She will discuss tools to assist you move from your current experience into creating your life consciously.

Your photo is placed in a presentation card with a colour chart.

Private ONE hour sessions assist you to explore past patterns, understand current beliefs, and assist you to make empowered choices through uncovering your own wisdom. Understand how you can use energy and colour to support your life choices.

For bookings and to learn more about Jann, please go to: lumenosity.net@gmail.com/ hello@divinewellbeingcentre.com.au